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Post by Admin on Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:28 pm

Frank Schilling (born in 1970) is a Cayman Islands based Internet-investor and the founder of Uniregistry, Corp. A global top-level domain name registry operator. Schilling has been a long time participant in the evolution of the commercial domain name space. His registry, domain marketplace operation and assorted name-holdings are estimated to be valued in the vicinity of $500 million.

The eldest son of German/Canadian immigrants, Schilling claims he was born at the right age to be an early Web adopter. He began registering single domain registrations at the turn of the millennium and rarely looked back. Schilling became one of the first to speak publicly about the subject of domain investing during a Tech TV interview with Matt Markovich in 2002, describing those who invest in high-value generic domain names for the purpose of future development. Today participants in this space are collectively known as domainers or 'commercial registrants'.

Mr. Schilling's bidding and investment activities (2004–2006) helped expand the expiring domain name auction houses; and later, other ICANN accredited registrars selling their registry connections as a drop registrar. Frank Schilling patented the "Generic Top Level Domain Rerouting System" in 2001, financed the Caribbean's first ICANN accredited domain name registrar in 2003, joined as a member of the ICANN business constituency and co-founded the non-profit Internet Commerce Association in 2006. He began domain blogging on Seven Mile in 2007.

A 2008 book by WSJ reporter David Kesmodel entitled "The Domain Game" touches on the history of Schilling and the evolution of the industry in which he continues to participate.

In 2011 Schilling created and the marketplace (ITC/DNS). The independent traffic monetization, syndication and secondary-sales business quickly grew to become the largest privately owned domain traffic monetization platform on the Web.

In June 2012 CNET revealed Frank Schilling as the founder of, a large scale applicant in ICANN's New GTLD arena. The un-contended applicant for 11 top level domain names, positioned itself as "a registrant centric registry operator providing proficient stewardship of names for the good of registrants and stakeholders".

Schilling was one of the first to administer very large portfolios of domain names for third-parties and is one of the largest generic domain-name investors in the world. His re-investment in the field which brought him notoriety continues to create interest inside the esoteric domain-space, and in the mainstream.

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Post by Admin on Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:34 pm
What happens when you take a team of experts, at the top of the naming industry, and unite them behind a single, high-minded purpose? You get the most service-based and holistic approach to registry operations that the industry has ever seen - something we call “Uniregistry.”

Nothing is more important to us than the ongoing, long-term success of our namespaces, and the registrants we serve. Uniregistry has the rare combination of experience, infrastructure, and unwavering commitment required to make it happen.


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