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.cn Domain Data Analysis 2012 - 2013 Empty .cn Domain Data Analysis 2012 - 2013

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:31 pm

It is reported that last December .CN domain name registrations exceeded ten million with total number up to 10,830,000. As of April 2013, the monthly .CN domain registrations were all more than 2012's. Here are a few glimpses of .CN Domain Data Analysis for 2012 and 2013.

December 2012 .cn domain chart:

.cn Domain Data Analysis 2012 - 2013 20140121142612_51322

December 2013 .cn domain chart:

.cn Domain Data Analysis 2012 - 2013 20140121142735_98132

From the .CN domain statistics chart for December 2012, we saw the total .CN domain name registrations including .COM.CN, .NET.CN, .ORG.CN, .GOV.CN, .ADM.CN, .EDU.CN, .AC.CN, .MIL.CN reached 7,510,000, of which .CN domain names amounted to 6,158,126, accounting for 82.0% of all proportion, .COM.CN 1,059,202, accounting for 14.1%, while other .CN domains remained stable.

December 2013, China's total .CN domain registration quantity was increased to 10,829,480, 3,320,000 more than December 2012's, where .CN, .COM.CN, .ADM.CN domain registrations respectively accounting for 81.9%, 9.2% and 6.6%. ADM.CN registrations especially rised up rapidly, jumped by nearly 670,000.

Although from the point of comparative data view, the increase speed of 2013's .CN domain registrations easily beat 2012's, change of .CN domain registrations was obvious as well. Since May 2012, CNNIC had re-adjusted the registration policies and .CN domain names became available for individual and Registrants from outside of China again. Such wise policy surely laid solid foundation for further .CN success in 2013.

2012 .cn domain histogram:

.cn Domain Data Analysis 2012 - 2013 20140121154914_76563

2013 .cn domain histogram:

.cn Domain Data Analysis 2012 - 2013 20140121154735_34293

According to the comparative data shew in the histogram, the growing rate of .CN domain registrations in Jan-Apr 2012 was still small, with quantity of only 3.3 million or so. However, since May 2012, the .CN domain names became available to individuals again, the situation began to reverse and the .CN registrations substantially soared. Only from May to October, the .CN domain registrations were increased to 6.4 million from 3.5 million. In summary, the trend of 2012's .CN domain registrations went from "stable" to "rapid growth" then to "surge".

In contrast, 2013 ushered in period of .CN domain continuous heating-up. May-June 2013, the growing rate of .CN domain registrations got a big boost. By the time in July, newly increased .CN domains broke through 8 million and the favourable momentum continued to end of 2013, new .CN registrations exceeded 10 million.

Undoubtedly, with more frequent international exchanges, .CN domain hot is right on the rise. Since the remarkable role of .CN domain's identity function of reflecting values and positioning, in the near future, .CN domain names will usher in new opportunities for sure.


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