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dot-Hotel (www.______.hotel) is the forthcoming domain space reserved for legitimate hotels and associated hotel & lodging products & services: from customer bookings, to hotel web-design, hotel interior design and Hotel Marketing.

The dot-Hotel (www._____.hotel) suffix will be tightly regulated. Due to its restricted nature (i.e. hotels & hotel enterprises & services) it shall enjoy worldwide industry recognition/preference, and command the trust and confidence of customers. Soon customers throughout Europe will think and speak "dot-Hotel (www._____.hotel)" every time they commence to purchase lodging or lodging-related service or product.

Act immediately to acquire the valuable web-address (domain name) and brand that is --- ACCEPTING OFFERS --- *

* Kindly direct questions to the same email address

Seller's additional info:

The dot-Hotel (www._____.hotel) extension will only be available to hotels, plus companies whose primary purpose is serving the hotel industry.

Examples of enterprises that shall be eligible to register and use dot-Hotel (www._____.hotel) web addresses (domain names):

1. Hotels
2. Hotel room booking, I.T. & telephony system providers
3. Registrars and resellers of 'dot-Hotel' (www._____.Hotel) domain names
4. Customer-oriented Hotel Reservations websites
5. Hotel web design experts
6. Hotel marketing/SEO & branding experts
7. Hotel furniture & furnishing specialists
8. Hotel staffing solutions
9. Hotel cleaning, laundering, maintenance and maid services
10. Hotel & restaurant catering suppliers and providers

- - - Whether your business offers hotel rooms to the public, or services/products direct to hotel owners, act now to leverage the weight and trust of dot-Hotel.

By acquiring the domain name you are purchasing memorability, branding, worldwide consumer recognition and global consumer trust & confidence.

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